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Building Contract Review Program

The Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) has selected Sergon Building Consultants as one of the Service Providers to provide services under the Building Contract Review Program (BCRP).

Service Overview

Sergon Building Consultants (Sergon) have extensive experience in residential building insurance provided under the HBCF. We have a vast network of offices and as such are able to provide Building Contract Review Program (BCRP) services across NSW. Sergon does not charge travel time for site visits within Metropolitan zones and the first hour of travel is free in all Regional areas. Travel, if required, will only will be calculated from the Sergon office that is closest to your project. Find your nearest Sergon office here.

Range of Services Sergon Provide

Sergon provide a professional range of services that is tailored to the BCR program. Sergon has a dedicated Quantity surveying team that provides an integral formatted review of all documentation supplied by the proposed client. Sergon have a dedicated case management and Building Consultancy team which provide comprehensive administration communication and in-depth building assessment during the entire BCR process. The range of services are but not limited to:

  • Review contract documentation for each project including architectural plans and engineering designs
  • Ensure that you have provided a detailed cost breakdown which provides a gross margin that is reasonable for the project requirements, type, size and value
  • Sergon’s professional Quantity surveying team provides expertise in the review of all costing elements that are associated with the BCR program
  • Determine the number of site and remote inspection reviews required, taking into account the nature, size and complexity of the residential project
  • Undertake site inspections and complete component 4 reports providing detailed comment on the progression or development of the builder’s competence relating to the specific areas that have been reviewed
  • The component 5 final report is provided to ascertain a complete overview of the builder’s progress from the initial engagement through to the final certification

These responsibilities are outlined in detail in the BCRP Builder Agreement available on

Builder Obligations Under the BCRP

Builders who are required to participate in the BCR Program, as a condition of obtaining eligibility for home warranty insurance in New South Wales, must engage a service provider when undertaking projects with a contract price value of $50,000 or more. Sergon is an authorised service provider who has been engaged by Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF). 

Builders are required to provide copies of all contract documents, including contract, architectural sets of drawings (DA approved where applicable), specifications, detailed trade cost breakdowns, construction programs and copies of all third party certificates and any job specific insurance documentation.

Sergon is required to complete a ‘BCRP Component 1-3 Confirmation’ form which provides confirmation that the participating builder satisfies all components of the BCRP (i.e. Contract Document Review, Reasonableness of Budget & Progress Payments and Builder Performance Review Schedule).

Where the builder does not satisfy the individual components 1, 2 & 3 or should work or payment to the builder under the building contract for the project have already occurred the BCRP service provider must notify the Insurance Agent.

Following each Builder Performance Review (site visit or remote site assessment) under BCRP component 4 Sergon is required to provide a report to the Insurance Agent and builder.

On completion of the project the BCRP service provider is required to prepare a final report (component 5) and provide a copy to the Insurance Agent and builder. 

Sergon’s Obligation in Managing a Builder under the BCRP 

Sergon have a dedicated case management team which provides comprehensive contract administration services from initial engagement through to the final certification of the BCR program.

The case management team is responsible for all communication with the builder, broker and Insurance underwriter (SIcorp) throughout the entire process. Sergon provide a central port of co-ordination for all parties and delivers a management system that is easy to navigate and engage. Case management of the builder consists of:

  • Continual communication updates and feedback
  • High level progression modelling spreadsheets
  • Technical guidance and support

Sergon subject to Clause 5 of the builder’s agreement must adhere to keeping the Builder’s information and details, including information relating to the personal and business affairs of the Builder confidential.

Sergon’s quantity surveying team’s obligation provides a high level review and recommendation on all contractual documents to facilitate and ensure that the builder’s financial risk is mitigated to an extent deemed reasonable.

We also provide a professional Building consultancy team that conduct the required site and remote assessments in accordance with the conditions outlined in the BCRP agreement.

Sergon’s building consultants obligations are instrumental for undertaking visual and non-evasive inspections that provide all stakeholder’s with how the builder is progressing and to what level they are completing critical stages of the build. Sergon’s building consultants provide:

  • On-site regulation and support
  • Detailed reports outlining progress and feedback in line with the Australian Standards and National Construction code 
  • Technical advice on correct processes and requirements in conjunction with the BCR program

Sergon recognises that some BCRP matters are urgent and are happy to discuss any aspect of the program with you. Feel free to contact our experienced BCRP Team on 1300 735 720 (toll free). Alternatively if you prefer to email your inquiry to us at, we will ensure you receive a prompt response.

To request a BCRP quotation for your project, please click here, or to simply find out more about the BCRP service provided by Sergon Building Consultants, please click the link at the top left of this page.

Additional information
  • Request a BCRP Quotation

    The BCRP is not compulsory for all builders. Where required, participation in the BCRP will be a condition of your Eligibility for each individual project with a contract price of $50,000 or more.

    We are happy to discuss any aspect of the BCRP. Feel free to contact the Sergon Building Consultants BCRP team on 1300 735 720, a toll free number.

    You can easily request a quotation by:

    • Calling our office on 1300 735 720 (toll free) and speaking with our helpful BCRP team
    • Completing the Request for Quotation form and emailing the completed form to us at or faxing the completed form to us at 1300 735 711
    • Emailing us at and include your preferred contact telephone number. We will contact you no later than the following business day to discuss your project and requirements
  • Make a complaint

    To make a complaint please email

  • Pricing

    $165 per hour

    Technical services including:
    – Cost validation
    – Inspection services
    – Report Writing

    $125 per hour


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